Six Best Online Ways To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday

Advancement in technology has transformed many things including our ways of wishing each other. Today, we are more easy and happy to wish our family or friends.

Advancement in technology has transformed many things including our ways of wishing each other. Today, we are more easy and happy to wish our family or friends online rather than using the traditional ways of wishing. These ways are popular everywhere around the world as people love seeing their Facebook, twitter or mailbox full of greetings and wishing on their birthday. To make your friends’ birthday special and unique, use these brilliant online wishing ideas:

Make a collage

Collage making is a wonderful idea to wish your loved one. This shows you took time for them and cared making a photo collage. For that, find most memorable photographs of your friend with you and other friends and join them in the form of a collage. You can also edit your collage when done. Moreover, there are many online collage making website that offer free collages for you. Some even offer special birthday collages that look brilliant when posted on your friends timeline or sent them in mailbox. To make a funny collage, find casual, kind of weird (such as snoring, crying at first day at school, overeating at cafe image etc) photographs of your friend to wish with a blast of laughter!

Make a clip

Go to your friend’s home a day prior to their birthday, make weird movie of them in casual t-shirt and jeans. Record wishes of all other friends. Mix the two and post them on their page on their big day. It will bring a smile on their face. However, this could also be done in a formal way by making their nice clip or cutting and editing a video clip from their old record!

Send a bunch

The best thing about online wishing is that there is no limit to your shopping or collecting beautiful gifts for them. In real life, you may not be able to send them a brand new limousine, but in virtual world, there is. Find everything they love from a brand new vehicle to roses, cake, wrist watch, a new home on the seaside. Edit them all and post with a sweet birthday note.

Name Birthday Cakes and Cards

Birthday cake and cards with name and photo is the excellent way to wish someone on their special day. Time has transformed many things which include our approaches of wishing each other. So here is the first-class thoughts to wishing birthday with name decorated on cakes and cards. Here are few websites who provides these features.  Click here for name wishes here

Sing a song

If your friend is a huge fan of songs and music, this idea is definitely for him. Collect his most favorite songs, make a medley and leave a recording of you in end saying them a very happy birthday. Another idea could be sing a song (beautiful birthday song, to be exact) record it and send them. You may also record a group song that some of your friends sing together for the birthday boy or girl. Besides, a simple voice note at 12 AM sharp can also do the magic!

Send a game

For people in love with gaming, buy or download their hot-favorite game and send it to them on their big day. People crazy for gaming don’t want anything more than a game they love to play. However, a gaming update or a cheat that you buy for them can also work in this regard.